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Safe Locksmith Services

We Can Repair and Open Your Home and Business Safes

safe locksmith kansas

Our professional locksmiths are highly-trained and can open a safe when you’ve forgotten the combination or lost the key.

At Mid-America Locksmiths in Lenexa, KS, we service and open all types and sizes of safes for your home and business including those with classic dial combination locks, keyed locks, and digitial keypad locks. We’re also general locksmiths, providing door hardware, deadbolts, car keys, and car remotes, and related services, including mobile locksmith service. If you’re a safe owner, we make sure owning and using your safe is convenient by providing maintenance, combo changes, and safe opening so you know you always have access to your own property.

As Your Safe Locksmith, We Know That Security and Convenience Go Together

If a lock is inconvenient, we know people will tend not to use it properly. That’s why we’re ready to repair and update your security equipment. We see locks, whether they’re on a cheap home safe or a burglary rated safe, as a convenient way to securely manage access. Your home safe is where you store papers, jewelry, guns, and other property until you need access, and then you expect it to swing open when you unlock it. What good is it to have a gun safe that you can’t access when it’s hunting season? As your experienced, professional safe locksmith, it’s our job to make sure that it opens easily for you and to be on-call to hurry over if for some reason it doesn’t.

Have a Safe? We Can Keep It Working Properly

We provide safe repair and maintenance as well as safe combination changes for a wide variety of brands including Liberty, Sentry, Amsec, Champion, and more. If your safe requires a key, we’re ready to make new copies for you, even skeleton keys. We change safety deposit box locks and the locks on any safe box. For members of the military, we provide a ten percent discount.

Safes that Survive When All is Lost

For your irreplaceable papers, photos, and memories, fire-rated safes can keep your family’s critical information and history secure while a fire burns around them. Likewise, a burglary rated safe, especially bolt downs that aren’t going anywhere, provide an extra-secure location for all your most precious goods. But no matter what type of safe you have it’s very important to keep the locks in good shape, so call us today if you need the lock repaired, the combo reset, or new keys made.

There’s a Difference in Locksmiths

We gladly offer emergency mobile service, for the locks on your safes, cars, homes, and businesses. Plus, we’re members of the Missouri Kansas Locksmith Association, SAVTA, ALOA, and 1-800-Unlocks. Rely on your experienced and certified local locksmith, the one that you can count on to be prompt, knowledgeable, and professional at Mid-America Locksmiths. Call us today — how can we help you?